"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


23 months....almost

The boy continues to grow and learn.....every once in a while I worry about him....his physical and cognitive growth....then all of a sudden he doesn't fit into size 18months anymore and he's spelling his name! (well, he does the first three letters from memory and then repeats the last three letters)
His vocabulary is also exploding, adding coffee (he LOVES Tim Horton's cups!), buckles and so many more words to his expanding repetoire.
He is still working on his incisor teeth (all four of them) cause the drool is back along with the fingers in the mouth....we aren't even touching his two year molars yet.....cause once they are in, he will have all his teeth and won't be a baby anymore.....not that he's much of one now anyways! His legs are getting stronger and he is now running and jumping....it's really hard NOT to laugh when he tries to jump off the ground but it is quite the sight! In the last month he has acquired drums, an electric piano and another guitar.....this had just cemented his love of music and helped with getting his groove on! The boy finds music EVERYWHERE.....including playing the mama bongos (my behind!) He is showing an interest in the toilet! He voided for the first time on April 16....mind you, he totally missed the bowl but he was sitting on the toilet! YEAH!!!
The last month has been busy...... we had Adrien baptized......it was beautiful.....we had our wonderful family with us to celebrate and the day turned out perfect!
Grandma came up from Nashville to help us during the recovery of my surgery and the boy has found love.....He calls for her, laughs with her and just loves her....it's a good thing we're going back to Nashville with her for two weeks to finish recovering! They have so much fun together!
With the weather getting nicer (except for this weekend) we find ourselves outside more.....Adrien loves his turtle pool filled with beans (cause I don't do sand!) and he loves his Kijiji purchased Little Tikes Climber with 2 slides....he LOVES it and is always begging to get outside!
We spent Easter at Nonno's house and had fun looking for chocolate before it melted (with Daddy) and learning to roll down the hill with cousins!....though it's been tough through the recovery period, not being able to pick him up, he seems to be doing well and we're busy planning his 2nd birthday party!

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