"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb



I need to share but because I'm friends with Ryan's birthmom on Facebook and on my other blog and there are things she doesn't need to know.
Ryan has been with us for two years......and while that is a HUGE cause for celebration, the even bigger celebration is seeing him NOW versus his first year with us.
It was hard......it was very hard....like, I hated parenting him hard......from not being able to walk up the stairs without him waking up to not being able to even take our eyes off  him long enough to pee without him either crying or destroying something, even the crying from the time he awoken until he went to bed.......and the drool, no speech, no balance, no regulation skills, always sick, when crying holding his breath until his lips turned blue, gagging on his food and vomiting because the majority of his intake was liquid or stew-like.......just being used to do whatever he wants......fast forward two years (this is why I love time......because it does get better) I have a boy who is a chatter box (with a little bit of drool), has a curious mind, loves taking things apart to put them back together, who loves music and toys (he knows how to play with toys now!), going to school and loving it, having friends, being able to sleep through ANYTHING......he's amazing........
and to clarify, it's all him!  We provided love, boundaries and brought him to all the therapies (SLP, OT, PT, eye specialist,counselling) but he did all the hard work, he allowed himself to trust and he allowed himself to participate in all the therapies to be the best person he can be.......I am so proud of him!  And love this little boy like crazy!
our first meeting

our first meeting

our first meeting

Two years later

Two years later

Two years later

Two years later

Two years later


A Weekend Away

A weekend away isn't what it used to be.......now I find creative ways to incorporate my kids into everything.......So, Civic Weekend, I had a college roommate reunion.........with our kids........We met 21 years ago!  TWENTY.ONE! So between the 5 of us, we have 6 kids.......some of us meeting each other's children for the first time!  It was wonderful and magical and tiring and filled with laughter........I couldn't ask for anything more! OH!!!!! And I peed in a real outhouse ALL weekend!


Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's day.......this year, I will get to celebrate my 5th (technically my 6th, my I hadn't met Adrien until five days after my "first" mother's day)  Anyways, in North America, today is Birth Mother's Day........I have mixed emotions about it for many reasons, but mainly because mothers come in many forms.  Tomorrow, people celebrate Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, and close friends.  Why can't birth mothers be celebrated too.  I don't know if it's because it can be painful for a birth mom to celebrate tomorrow when they aren't raising a child they have birthed or if it's because society hasn't deemed birth mother's "worthy" of mother status.  What ever the reason, I want to share my opinion.  I am celebrating my children's first moms.......tomorrow.......on Mother's Day.  And though we won't be celebrating with them in person, they will be in my thoughts pretty much all day......just like every year since I became a mom......this year is a little more special because this year, I can put a face and personality to Adrien's first mom.....This year, Ryan's first mom will be celebrating with her new born son, but we will call her when we wake up so Ryan can wish her a happy day.....
It's amazing how much love a person can have......yesterday was the first time since February that Adrien has asked and talked about his first mom.....so we sent her a Facebook message and within 5 minutes we had another picture of her and a response.  He was beaming from ear to ear and kept asking if she said anything else (they basically had a brief chat over facebook)....it was a beautiful thing.........My heart is full.....
He's so damn cute

Reading to his little brother

CAN NOT get him off a bike.....he's is going to freak out when he wakes up on his 6th birthday to find a brand new red bike!

Always touching in their sleep

They LOVE anything that requires chop sticks to eat with

To all the women who are moms, first moms, step moms, long to be moms, will be moms, foster moms or anyone who has special children in their lives......Happy Mother's Day......may God bless you!


I remember

Growing up, I remember weekends spent with family.....aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins....There was always a kids table.......the men would sit together and the women would sit closest to the kitchen to serve the food......after dinner, the kids were the only ones to leave the table.  I remember the loud laughter, shouting, yelling, pounding the table for emphasis and talking coming from the table.  I remember stopping playing to watch the grown ups.  I was fascinated by them.  They had so much fun, teasing each other, joking, talking about the past, talking politics, gossiping......I was in awe.....it was one of my favourite things to do......just to watch them.  The energy that came from the kitchen livened the whole house......and there was always a glow from the light.......This bantering would continue for hours.....until all the little kids had fallen a sleep, the teenagers had gone out and us middle aged kids were plopped in front of the TV, exhausted from playing with our cousins.  It's one of  my favourite memories from my childhood and it happened almost every weekend.  Sometimes twice in one weekend!
My sister is up for a visit....which means I have been spending a lot of time with my siblings and their spouses plus my dad, while my boys play with their cousins.  Saturday evening, we were at my dads for dinner, there were 8 adults and 8 kids.  We were in the dining room/kitchen, talking about the stupid things we did to each other as kids, shocking my dad with some of stories, making fun of each other and just laughing over the shouts of protest of incorrect memories......At one point in the evening, I looked at the french doors and noticed Adrien just watching us, with the same expression I think I may have had as a kid while I watched the grown ups.....and I know he too will remember the grown ups in the kitchen.....making noise, having a good time and I hope, in his adulthood, he has the opportunity to do the same.  It is one of my wishes for him



After 4.5 years of a closed adoption, Adrien's adoption is now considered open because there is contact with his biological family.  WHAT??????  I know!  It's a long story that started in September with a conversation as we drove to see his brother's first family and has kinda taken off.......where a week ago, Adrien's birth mom send him a message of love and missing.  There will be no visits with her or her family in the near future, but possibly in the distance future, when he's older....and he asks to go and see her. (He has asked a couple of times to see her, I explain that right now she lives too far....so then he wants to go on an airplane)......I'm getting some slack from my family who think I have opened pandora's box and are worried about Adrien.....and while I forgive her actions (or lack there of) against my son, I will never forget...but something struck me, in talking to her and her mom.  Her mom shared that she was assessed and wasn't functioning at full capacity and in talking to her, I can see that.  I would put her at about 15......so my issue is, how do I hold her responsible for her lack of motherly instinct or lack of care of him when she didn't have the capacity to do more than she did...I don't think she was being malicious though I do believe her to be angry....but I think that's due to a lack of understanding.  It is what it is.....and I need to figure it out for me......so that I can guide and support my son.......so, that's what's new, in a nutshell.....


Work Christmas Party

I brought the boys to work with me on the 23rd of December.  I was a client/family/staff/family holiday party.  It was very well done.  My favourite part was the photo booth