"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


Getting Close

Our interview for a potential second child is drawing near and I am already a bundle of nerves....I'm scared about the interview but I'm more terrified about not being chosen for the child...reading the profile, I got the same feelings that I got when I read Adrien's profile, though with Adrien, we had been presented with 18 children before Adrien.  This will be our first presentation this round of a child, though we did have the two consent adoption profiles....I wanna trust my gut, though am scared to in case my gut is wrong and I'll be heartbroken....I KNOW that if this child doesn't come home with us, there will be another child, though reading the profile, this child would fit so nicely into our family, both nuclear and extended.  Even both social workers commented on how well this child would fit.  What we know if that we are the first family being interviewed for the child.....and that the agency considers us a strong family.....Praying for the best outcome for the child.


Beach Bums

It's official.....we are beach bums....as I won't be taking any vacation time over the summer as I'm trying to bank it all for next summer, we are stealing every second we can at beaches. We have hit the beach at least 8 times this summer, 3 times in one week. Today we left super early and got to spend 10 hours frolicking in the water, playing in the sand and crashing with waves. It was the waviest I have ever seen our favourite beach and Adrien couldn't get enough....squeals of delight with each passing wave, getting braver and braver, venturing out to the buoy with me....the waves were spectacular, throwing us around, sweeping us off our feet and crashing around us.....what a fabulous day! I love making these kinds of memories with Adrien and fostering his love for the outdoors while overcoming some of his minor fears....and crashing them like the pounding waves!
The gang and our set up! In total, there were 18 of us, plus two dogs!
Cuddling with mama
chilling in the water
My little fish

Building in the sand

Not my shades!

Hanging with his bestie!


The Zoo!

SO the daycare had it's annual trip to the zoo.....and Adrien was so excited. It was his first time on a school Bus and he was beside himself with excitement.....we are thoroughly exhausted now......and will be heading to bed soon!


Round 2

So in the world of adoption there is a lot that has been going on lately...and without getting into too much detail yet, we have been presented with 3 different children and short listed for all three.....though that's great news, two WERE consent to adopt and both families have decided to parent....I think that's great for them and I wish them the best. The third one is where my heart is....we have our interview in early August...and I'm praying for the best outcome for this little person......but secretly, inside....the picture below is how I'm feeling.....


DJ Adrien

My brother has mixing turntables.....need I say more

Summer of B's!

This summer is going to be able everything B for me....I have had a need to shake it up, take the Boring and make it Brilliantly Bright.....So, thus far, my summer has included doing great B things!
Going to Beaches.....we have gone to three different beaches this far and have a "secret" bucket list to go to at least three beaches a month.....Looking for good beach recommendations (on the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay)
Body piercing....I got my nose pierced about 15 years ago when I was living in Edmonton...I loved it...and wore it proudly for 5 years before a client accidently  kicked it out of my face. A very close friend of mine was texting me one day and mentioned that she was getting her nose done.  I offered to come with her for support.  In the texting, I somehow volunteered to redo my nose (I have been wanting to since it got kicked out)  I LOVE IT! Thank you H!
The third B is books.....I miss reading.....so much....then with everyone talking about the 50 Shades Trilogy, I thought I would read it.....in 10 days, I have read 3 books....by some people's standards, that's slow, by my standards, that's amazing....seeing as how I haven't picked up a book since the boy came home....well, except for the Twilight series....

The fourth B is biking.....my neighbours and I head out for nightly bike rides throughout our city....we go for an hour to three hours, depending on stops!  Normally, it's two of us and we ride around people watching and laughing.  Last week, on our three hour tour, there were 5 of us and we up downtown at the pubs!  It was so much fun!

And Bus rides...we took some kids on the city bus to the downtown splashpad.....Adrien had never been on a bus and I haven't been on one since I lived in Edmonton.....it was so much fun!

Looking for more "B" things to do.....open to suggestions!


Canada Day Weekend 2012

We had an amazing long weekend.  We spent time as a family with friends celebrating our country.
It started Saturday when we took Adrien and some neighbourhood kids on City Transit to our downtown splash pad.  Returning in time for dinner and an outdoor projected movie....the kids watch "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" then the adults watched "Hangover"

Sunday morning started off quiet, with doing some house chores and just being the three of us before heading off to a neighbours for a BBQ and fireworks.

Chomping on watermelon.....his all time favourite treat

Showing off his dance moves.....he has skills


Sticking his landing
 On Monday, hubby had to work so Adrien and I headed with a friend to a beach and spent 6 glorious hours on the sand and in the water......OMG, can the boy eat.  He ate more than my friend and I combined.  He stated that he was working hard and that's why he was so hungry!

What a great weekend!


Photo dump

Glowing from his visit with The Greats

Playing at downtown splash pad

Next Generation of Baywatch

Church carnival

Church carnival

Watching his friend go on the swings

Motoring around