"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


Videos of him

This is me chasing him and tickling him

Night Walks

Adrien and I go for walks after dinner.......I love watching him trying to walk through the snow!......Enjoy, he's so cute!


20 Months

Here is the 20 month LATE update!

Adrien has had another month of changes. He started daycare and is doing ok.....now he likes going....and has already suffered round one of daycare illness including high fever, thrush and hand and foot......

Walking: yup....and now we are learning to go DOWN the stairs....he's still a little nervous about it but is willing to try.

Eating: still loving the pasta.......that's my boy!

Teeth: poor little man has a total of 11....including four molars and another trying to make it's way up

Smarts: he is now following two step instructions, trying to problem solve at a higher level....he can count to 4 and can say his alphabet to G! Who is this kid!

Words: he is still putting two words together, like "arms in", "come on", "get down", "all done" plus his vocabulary has exploded with the labeling........

Family member names:

baka- great grandma

dada- great grandfather

nonnooooo- grandpa

Eeeeaaa- aunt Mary

Jo Jo- aunt J

Miiiiike- uncle M

Eeeeooo- uncle I

gaama- grandma

Bel- all three girl cousins

Ennan- cousin E

Mad- cousin M

He is so sweet.....last night Rob came into the room were Adrien sleeps (and I sleep with him...what, don't judge) and he found Adrien's hands on my cheeks and our foreheads together....


New Years Eve

Rob had to work on New Years Eve.....so J&J brought Tas over for dinner before we headed off to Riverside Park for Sparkles in the park.
We threw the kids in sleighs and headed out. The weather was perfect and the snow on the ground added to the festivities.

We hung out in line for the Carousel where J and I started to amuse ourselves by trading hats....her head is much smaller than mine.....whatever!

We then headed over to watch the fireworks.....They were AMAZING, the kids LOVED them and Adrien BOOMED the whole way home.......Once home, I put Adrien to bed, Rob got home and we watched a movie (The Hangover....hilarious!!!!) And we were both asleep LONG before midnight.....Hopefully, Riverside Park will become a family and friends tradition for years to come!

Oh boys!

There has recently been a lot of changes in Adrien's life.........we moved to a new house and he has started daycare for the afternoons......this little guy has gone through so many transitions and changes in his life, I'm surprised he is as happy as he is. Behavioural changes are to be expected but when you are married to my husband, a man who can be over dramatic, is can make matters worse. I had to de-escaulate him yesterday after drop off......He was convinced that day care was the worse thing in the world and that Adrien was not happy there. After my co-worker (thanks, Mo) and I pointed out that Adrien was displaying normal behaviours that are age appropriate and attachment appropriate, Rob was ok....though he insisted I call him at work as soon as I picked up the boy!

Last night, after playing in the snow at daycare (compounded that he has been waking up in the mid of the night wanting to play) he was tired and whiny (a behaviour that is new for him) Though I felt for him, I couldn't help but to take some pictures of the boy being all pouty and cute......


Picture update

Still don't have internet or phone at new house yet, that will be coming January 18.....can I get a woot woot! So I brought my camera to work and am using my work computer to post some new pictures of the little man....cause he's so dang cute!

Trying to get a picture of the boys' new teeth coming in, instead, I seem to have gotten a snotty picture instead. Really, I do clean his nose often.....it was just running as I clicked this one, I swear!
Adrien got a sled for Christmas this year and has enjoyed many walks in the neighbourhood with it.....though we have left it at Nonno's house and will have to pick it up, the stroller just doesn't cut it in the snow!
Adrien recieved this Turtle pool as a gift from our friends......we have filled it with balls and he loved jumping into it....well diving in anyways....then all you hear is "...elp....." He needs some help getting out!
The walking boy on Christmas day trying to figure out what is in his cup....milk, juice or water?
Christmas morning.....what a face......what a face!


two weeks

What a difference two weeks can make for a person. Aside from having no phone or internet yet, life has been interesting. We moved and love the new house....it feels like home though in the process I have miss placed Adrien's baby book that has every milestone from the last seven months in it.......his first hair from his first hair cut, his first birthday cards, his first plane tickets, pictures of his life before us, his birth discharge summary from the hospital, his first hospital visit bracelet and so much more. I kept it out to pack it last incase I needed to add more to it but now I fear I may have accidently thrown it out. I think I have been through every box at least 2x looking for it and can't find it yet.
We celebrated our first Christmas.......it was fantastic and I got a new camera to take better pictures of my boy, once internet is hooked up at home, I will upload them. We spent time with family and friends, celebrated New Years at Riverside park and just spent time together as a family.
There have been changes in hubby's work schedule so today at 12:26 I dropped Adrien off for his first day of daycare......I'm shaking.....it's a great and safe place, it's just hard and I hated doing it. I didn't think it would have this kind of effect on me....he loves the kids there and I'm fighting the urge to call to see how he's doing....hopefully he goes down for a nap.....
Adrien has also popped 4 teeth in the last 2 weeks, three of them being molars and on of them on the bottom......he's not complaining at all (such a great kid) and seems to be handling all the changes in his life like a champ! He not crawling anymore and tonight we go for our last PT visit so that he can be discharged! He's talking up a storm and is asking for Ernie (from SS) all the time now!
WOW, how life can change in just two short weeks.....