"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


Oh boys!

There has recently been a lot of changes in Adrien's life.........we moved to a new house and he has started daycare for the afternoons......this little guy has gone through so many transitions and changes in his life, I'm surprised he is as happy as he is. Behavioural changes are to be expected but when you are married to my husband, a man who can be over dramatic, is can make matters worse. I had to de-escaulate him yesterday after drop off......He was convinced that day care was the worse thing in the world and that Adrien was not happy there. After my co-worker (thanks, Mo) and I pointed out that Adrien was displaying normal behaviours that are age appropriate and attachment appropriate, Rob was ok....though he insisted I call him at work as soon as I picked up the boy!

Last night, after playing in the snow at daycare (compounded that he has been waking up in the mid of the night wanting to play) he was tired and whiny (a behaviour that is new for him) Though I felt for him, I couldn't help but to take some pictures of the boy being all pouty and cute......

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