"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


Pudding face

fun eating

In my arms

I think one of my favourite times of day with Adrien are those moments right before he falls asleep. It's not because I am free for a bit but because I love cuddling him, listening to his breathing slow down as he nods off, the smell of him fresh from a bath with his little hand touching my skin as he falls asleep. I would love nothing better than to stay in this position with him until the sun rose but there are things I must do before I go to bed. I am treasuring these moments because I know they won't last forever. I remember rocking my nieces to sleep and how saddened I was the last time the eldest fell asleep oneabout a year ago knowing it was probably the last time. So with Adrien, for right now, I'm going to relish the peacefulness and closeness of his bed time routine. Good night my baby, sweet dreams and I know they're sweet cause I see the smile on your face.


Words to live by

We hosted our annual work conference and had some great speakers there. A few quotes have stuck with me....and not only working with a particular population but good ideas for me to live by......

1. the soul must be loved as it is...... (This is from a movie called We Thought You'd Never Ask, Voices of People with Autism)

2. Don't just think outside the box....BLOW UP the box.....(I love this one!!!!)

3. Presume competence.....

Thank you great speakers for sharing your knowledge, insight and beliefs.....


18 months

Today he is 18 months. He has been on earth for 18 months. In the span of a life time, 18 months is a blink of an eye but it has been his whole life. He is sleeping with his little hand holding on to my arm and I remember his first night home how I just stared at him sleeping. I'm still watching him sleep and he's more beautiful now than he was that first night (if that's even possible!)
Progress to date:
teeth- still 6. When will the others come
weight- 24.5 pounds
words- approx. 50
walking- yup, though still prefers to crawl
sleep- naps daily for a couple of hours and sleeps about 11 hours a night
LOVES - people, Elmo, milk, cars, books, going out, water, shoes (I know, that's my boy!)
favourite foods- pasta, applesauce, hot dogs, fruits, broccoli, crackers, yogurt
dislikes - polenta, missing the action
likes - laughing, being chased, hiding in cupboards,
Wow, what joy this little man has brought to our lives in the last six months. We are truly blessed!


Where'd she go?

We went to Niagara Falls for Halloween weekend....we were having open houses and showings so I thought it would be nice to sweep my boys away for some rest and relaxation. We stayed at the Comfort Inn on Clifton Hill and had a pool side room. We really enjoyed ourselves in the pool and have confirmed that we have a fish on our hands. He derieved great pleasure in dunking me and then asking his audience "Go?" And what an audience we had....the entire dining room over looked the pool! We had guests coming up to us for the rest of the trip telling us how sweet our boy is! More Niagara blogging and pictures to come as soon as Rob gets them to me!



It's offical. Our house is sold. We accepted an offer Monday night and had the conditions lofted tonight. Now to find our perfect home. So exciting!!!!!!!

People like us

After being on an infertility website for the last five years and sharing my pain and joy with women struggling through becoming parents, just like us, I met one of ladies last night.......We had such a great time and though we had never met in person before it felt like we had known each other for years. There is something to be said about creating support groups of people who have experienced the ups and downs of IF......We hit it off so well and it was so comfortable that I can't wait to see her and her hubby again. She reminds me of myself, her personality is similar, her actions and behaviours are similiar and Adrien LOVED her.....Thanks for a great night M.....can't wait for the last weekend of November when I get to meet more of these fabulous ladies!


Anti adoption

I've been doing a lot of reading latey of blogs belonging to adoptive parents and adoptees. I was very ignorant when I can across the term anti adoption. I felt very defensive. How dare people be against adoption. Don't they know that's how we became a family. Then I started reading about it, and I get it! I get what they are saying about adoption though I don't feel we fit in that category. I didn't know that people adopted in some places don't have access to their birth certificate, I knew that promises made in open adoption agreements were sometimes broken, I know that due to some laws in international countries fill orhanages, but what about my son. How is all this information going to affect him. I now refer to his birth mom as his first mom and his foster mom as his second mom, I want to be honest with him about everything about where he came from and today after reading his profile again (which I hadn't done since we got him) I feel very different about what was written and it has given me hope that when it comes time to disclose I will be able to do so with respect for his first mom. It is such a different world, reading the blogs of the anti adoption, that I am hopefully gaining valueable insight to how my son might feel as he gets older and tries to discover himself. I just read a good debate on the term "forever family" and will probably never use it again as what the author shared rang true for me.
I'm glad I stumbled across the sight as I find I'm learning more about myself and how to be a better parent to my son.

7 Steps

Today my son took 7 steps towards me......And of course it's three hours after the PT and I confirmed our first appointment!
Here is the video.....I get a little too emotional...which you can hear it in my voice but my boy is starting to walk!