"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb



In second year college, my friend taught me now to make a granny square with a crochet hook (and because she was left handed, that is how I crochet to this day and CAN NOT for the life of me, flip it!).....I dabbled in blanket making for many many years......I made EVERYONE I knew a blanket....and their babies......then my mother in law taught me how to do all the different types of stitches and tried to teach me to read a pattern.....the pattern reading was a no go.....About two years ago, a girlfriend and I bought a book and taught ourselves how to read patterns and since then I have been making hats, scarves, arm warmers, ponchos and more blankets for anyone and everyone that wanted one! But I had never made anything for my son....I couldn't find anything that I thought he would like, until I came upon this pattern yesterday......He loves it....I love it! Now I'm going to try to make him a sweater....wish me luck!

pattern from http://bugalugshandmade.blogspot.com/2010/05/broom-broom-boys-beanie.html



After playing in his friend's back yard and learning how to throw leaves, it has become his passion... EVERY opportunity he gets, he wants to throw leaves. Being as how I am a lax mother (yeah right!) I don't normally let him throw random piles of leaves as you don't know what is in them. By our house, there is a walk way with a creek....we went adventuring in it.....and I let him play in the leaves....and yes, I call him a "bum"...what a great time of year to explore and walk!



All kids are beautiful......I understand that, all creatures of God are beautiful.....having said that, I I have seen some not so cute kids....what? I'm being honest.....And I was secretly worried that my kids wouldn't be cute......when we found out about Adrien, the SW noted how adorable he was... but that was her job, she had to say that.... and ALL kids are beautiful..... since Adrien has been home, he has received a lot of attention around his cuteness. And when I look at the pictures of him, before I really loved him, I could see how cute he was....once I fell in love with him, all I could see was love..... sometimes, when I look at pictures, I see how handsome my little man is and hope his heart remains as beautiful as I see him....


Thanksgiving weekend

We will be celebrating our 9 year anniversary......we went away....we had a great time...
At the Elgin Train Museum in St. Thomas

On the train at Story Book Garden
Adventures in Wonderland



It took him a while but he finally fell in ♥ with art!


Rob and I have always discussed having more than 1 child.....(don't get excited, that's Adrien's cousin, our newest niece)....Having Adrien home has solidified that for us in a number of ways. First, it is so much fun (yes, and stressful) being a parent, watching your child learn, explore the world, discover their likes and dislikes and growing as people. Second, we want a sibling for Adrien, as Rob is an only child, he shares his desire for siblings....someone who knows the inside jokes, someone who has been there forever, someone who Adrien will have as family once Rob and I have left this earth.....family.....Third, our family doesn't feel finished yet....someone is missing....another member.
With adoption, the "rule" is that once a child has been placed, the adoptive parents have to wait 18 months before they can reactivate their profile. Our 18 months is up November 28! For us, that means that it will be 3 years since our homestudy has been approved and we will have to update it, getting police checks and medicals done again. And for the agency, it means that we have to do PRIDE training as at the time we did our parenting course with CAS, PRIDE was not mandated yet and as our SW was walking out the door after our LAST visit, she casually tossed over her shoulder that we would have to do the training before we could proceed with a second adoption. Me, being me went to the internet because I KNOW that doing PRIDE through CAS is difficult, the classes get filled up fast, infact, last February as she was leaving, I was asking her to enroll us in the VERY next one, which she said she couldn't...blah blah blah....so I checked out private PRIDE trainings....$1400.....WHAT???that's CRAZINESS?????? So I contacted the CAS that the boy came from asking if they had a session soon that we could get into as we can not become ACTIVE until both our homestudy AND our PRIDE training is complete....(note to self...contact her again...just had an idea)
So the point to this is that we applied AGAIN yesterday for our second child and heard back that we have been enrolled in the Spring 2011 session of PRIDE training.....because if you can see the joy in my son's face as he holds his cousin will tell you he needs a sibling. He loves his two baby cousins, always wanting to hold them and make sure they are ok..... so rollercoaster ride #2 here we come....hold on tight cause I think this one is going to be a L-O-N-G ride....again......


Hey Soul Sister, by Train

His FAVOURITE song.....
He asks for it all the time and now that I've downloaded it from iTunes, it's all we listen to in the car.....he gets really excited and normally starts singing at the top of his lungs! So cute! And yes, he gets his (current) favourite girl to dance....though I'm going to try to stay at #1 for a LONG, L O N G time!