"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


The TRUE camping story

This is the true story of four families, with 12 people, camping on two sites for two nights!
Cast of characters:
C's family= C, my neighbour, who is 5 months pregnant, her husband B, her three kids, M (14) G(12) and CO (10)
D's family= D, my friend and roommate from college, her husband T and daughter E (6)
J's family= J, my bestie neighbour, her daughter N(5) and son DO (2.5)
Us= me and A....hubby had to work...

Day 1: after medicating the boy for the previous two days for fever.....the doctor cleared our trip and so we continued. There was no nap in the car and he had awoken at 5 that morning. We left the house at 1 and after some pit stops (we were following a family up) and a long drive into the camp ground, we arrived at our site at 3:30.....we were at site 668! We found that my friend D and her daughter E were already there (YAY!) and had set up their tent. (I wasn't expecting her up until about 6 but she was able to leave work early....what a fabulous surprise for me). First thing I did was get out our tent and J's tent (she and her two kids would be arriving about 7:30)....we set up the three tent....and found that C's site had not been evacuated by the previous tenants (enter the Warden!)....and A & E started playing. Tents went up, chairs came out, beds were blown up and we were set.....after a quick dinner of cold pizza, we hung out.....A wanted to hang in the tent by himself....and he got really quiet.....it was 6:45 and he was out cold...I went in to give him some Advil for his fever and change him into his pj's. I was sad for him because he wouldn't get to play with DO, his best buddy....or see the stars....that's all he wanted all weekend was to see the stars. Well, by 7:30, the Advil had kicked in and he was ready to party!!!!!!!!!!!! He was so excited about roasting marshmellows, using his special flashlight, going for walks (we must have walked to the bathroom in the wagon about 12 times that first night!....partly because I was worried about his lack of BMs and just wanted to stay active) Finally, he went to bed....at 11.....the adults were up until 12:30 (did I mention that C's family pitched their tent on our site for the night! So on a camp ground that allows a max of 6 people, we had 12!) laughing and having a great time.....finally, I went to bed....because the bathroom was a five minute walk away, we had been squatting on our site in the dark. So at 5 am I had to pee.....and badly....when I returned to the tent, I awoke the sleeping prince with the zipping of the tent. He got so upset cause he wanted me out of the tent and be on his own that he started crying LOUD.....for about 5 minutes....I tried to get him to be quiet as to not wake the entire camp ground....it took some work but he finally went back to sleep.

Day 2: We were up and out of the tent by 7:30.....all the kids were laughing and playing and having a blast. Then the man from behind us got out his tent, looked at me and shook his head....obviously not impressed...but whatever, we're camping and we have kids....who for the first time ever were camping! Breakfast included p&j sandwiches, cereal and hotdogs! We went to the bathrooms, got cleaned up....A had a BM (which allowed me to relax) and no more fever! and we headed to the beach. It was the most beautiful beach I had ever seen in Canada....the water was blue.....the sand was white and fine and there was no one there.....we parked ourselves near a teepee looking structure and we were off.....playing in the water, playing in the sand, playing in the structure.....for hours....OH, the provincal park doesn't have any driving rules except a max of 20 km, which meant that A & DO sat in my front seat for the drive to the beach! They loved listening to music and dancing there....feeling so grownup! We had lunch, KD and hotdogs for lunch, C and family got their site and started setting up, and we tried to nap the kids.....well, two of the kids napped but mine wasn't one of them, he again, kicked me out of the tent saying he wanted to sleep by himself. He laid there for about half an hour before started to pop his head up trying to play peek a boo with us! We laughed......so out he came and again, we started with the walks...going on adventures, finding potholes, going to the bathroom...finally it was too much for him and D & I took him to get fire wood and he fell asleep....so we decided to explore the park to let him sleep for a bit. It is gorgeous. With 1000 campsites, beaches, children's programs, hiking trails, fishing and so many other things. Dinner was great! And the evening was perfect.....A was asleep at 9:30! The grown ups stayed up again until 12:30 but this time I didn't drink so much! Oh, p.s. the guy who gave me the dirty look that morning had two babies under a year old join his site....hee hee....and they cried during the night....just saying!

Day 3: My watch said 7:30 when I awoke.....and A was still sleeping.....I could hear J, N and DO talking and playing on the site.....I got up and A looked at me.....still wanting to sleep....until he heard DO calling him, Addiden..... we got up, took the wagon and went to the bathroom.... ate breakfast and starting packing up.....our plan was to tear done camp as quickly as we could and spend the day at the beach. We made sandwiches, put snacks together and got ready to go. We were out of the site and at the beach by 11. The wind was blowing the sand off the dunes everywhere and the waves were huge with a strong undertow. We LOVED it....the grown ups, that is....we played in the waves and body surfered while our kids played on the sand or snuggled under towels.....we picnicked at the cars and headed home around 1......A was out by the time we left the park!
It was so MUCH fun....can't wait to do it again! But this time, for longer!



We went camping for the first time this weekend.....and I think it'll be the first of many, many trips to come.......the boy had an awesome time and all he wanted to do was see stars....that was his expectation for the weekend.....and boy, did we see stars!


Does he get it?

I got a really great comment (thank you) that has really helped me sort out my ideas about how to talk to A about his adoption and will be referring back to it as he gets older.

Yesterday, we visited with my oldest friend who was visiting home from overseas. We have been friends since we were 2! Can you believe it? I love and miss her often and was so happy when she said she and her new husband were hoping to move home over the next year!

So I got her to talk to Adrien and I wanted to see how much he understood from our talk the other day. I asked him where he grew.....and he responded "in another mommy". Then he was off to play with my friends husband. I think he might understand that someone else birthed him and as of yet, doesn't seem too concerned about it.... I won't be highlighting his adoption with him daily and will definitely take his lead on what his questions are....though I am racked with fear that one day I won't be able to answer his questions as honestly as I want to because I don't have the answers....

At times I am still shocked when people ask me if we are going to tell him he's adopted..... In my head, there is no other option. Aside from his cousins remembering when he joined our family and having questions about adoption themselves, how could I not be 100% honest with him. I find no shame in adopting, yes, there may be feelings of hurt and abandonment on his part but we will work through that....I don't think adoption is for every family but for ours, it is.....and I wouldn't have it any other way....


Adoptive Mom

I have been reading a lot of blogs written by adoptive parents. I follow a woman who is single parenting two boys in the States. I was reading a blog post by her where she was explaining why she had canceled a visit to the first/birth mom..... in it, she mentioned something about being an adoptive mom....and a mom. It got me thinking....and I get what she was saying. I always felt like Adrien's adoptive mom, like there was someone out there who was his "real" mom, and it wasn't me.....like a long term nannying gig..... about a year ago, probably due to tons of reading, huge bonds and time, I finally felt like his mom.....that me, just his mom....and I love it.....though I clearly remembering feeling like his adoptive mom for a long time....and I can't explain why.....

My neighbour is pregnant and I am taking the opportunity to engage Adrien in some conversations around adoption..... this was our conversation the other day:
Me : What does neighbour have in her tummy?
Him: A baby....mommy, you have a baby in your tummy?
Me: Nope, my tummy can't have babies in it.
Him: I come from your tummy
Me: You have another mommy.....you grew in her tummy.
Him: where is she?
Me: I don't know (I really don't, due to circumstances, ours is a closed adoption)
Him: We go to Wal-Mart and get me a sister?.....and he was off.

I am trying so hard to be correct with the terms I use with him and what I tell him...... It's hard, cause I don't want to mess it up for him....I never want him to feel ashamed of being adopted and I want him to know that he is loved by many people, including his first family, even though they don't see him......suggestions? input?


August 2011

August has been a great 10 days so far.....we said good bye to a visit with my sister and nephews :( We said Bon Viaggio to my uncle returning to Italy after a great visit last night... and now we wait to start celebrating. Tomorrow is my nephew's 7th birthday....followed by my brothers, then mine. And then back to school, back to reality....and the summer is gone... poof! Without a vacation or a break...but really, am I complaining....we had a fabulous summer to date, the boy has easily grown an inch and is suddenly too tall for all of his 2T jeans...and the 3T are baggy. We're going to try camping.....and then November....sweet November, bringing with it a Disney Cruise.....ahhhhh
September will be busy, with swimming lessons, PRIDE training...(that's right, we're in!), regular playdates and Toopy and Binoo....then in October, hubby and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary....10 YEARS!!!!!!! We're great!