"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


PRIDE- session 2

We have 8 left......I feel like I should be learning something....how to be a better parent, (not saying I'm perfect), how to parent a child with trauma but what it feels like so far is a foster parent recruitment series........
I really like the trainers and the experience and knowledge that they bring, I like the group of people that we are with, I like the snacks and texting Rob....though it isn't what I thought or hoped it would be thus far.......


PRIDE- session 1

We started PRIDE training last night. The trainers were great and the group seems fun. The one trainer is an adoptive and foster mom, she has some wonderful stories to share about her experiences and the other trainer is a 9 month pregnant adoption worker. When I saw her, I hoped that people in the crowd weren't infertiles.....and I don't think any of them were. We have a nice mix of people, some doing kin adoptions, some doing fostering and some doing adoption. It feels like it's going to be a sharing group and I don't know yet how much I want to share with them about our first adoption....I know I would not tell his story, that's his, but the experiences and feelings that I had....we will see.
Tonight the information was very VERY dry, a lot of Ministry policies and protocols, though we did watch a video that hubby and I laughed our way through.....
Adrien stayed with a sitter and he loved it! He was still awake when I got home but he had a great time with her, and that's all that matters!


Grandma is here

and for the first time in his life, mommy is taking a backseat.......Mommy not really liking it....but now have a new found empathy for dad!


A Little Bit of Cousin Craziness!

Adrien LOVES all his cousins so much. When he sees them you would think he just won the lottery. Tonight, he got to hang out with his girl cousins at Nonno's house. What a bunch of crazies....they jump, yell, laugh and play!

These two are a year and a few months apart, though they love each other and play so well together. I also think these two will be a force to be reckon with.....Trouble is their middle names!


Guess who learned how to ride a bike

Just saying......

I have been trying to teach Adrien all summer to ride his bike....he's been resistant but really wants to learn because all the neighbour kids know how to ride and he wants to be like them. Yesterday, he started pedaling a little....maybe 4 or 5 turns....then he would get frustrated. Today, we went for a bike ride on my bike and I told him he was getting too big for the seat behind me. I told him that next summer he would have to ride his own bike with me and dad. We got home, he got on his bike and off he went. He still needs to practice starting the bike but he rode all the way to the park and around the block!!!!!!!!!!


Neighbourhood Fun

We have a neighbourhood community centre that does things through out the year. And this weekend, (today) they hosted a family BBQ, with lots of FREE activities and food for the kids. Because the boy and I are TOTAL social creatures, we went....and had so much fun!

Here he is in the bouncy castle telling the other (BIG) kids to watch his trick.....(lol)
And he turned around and jumped....LMAO!
He tried some mini putting and couldn`t connect the club to the ball....and of course, instead of helping him figure it out, I stood there with my camera giggling!
They had free CORN! Corn....did someone say corn! He was there in a second devouring it`s sweet sugary goodness
And what would a community fair be with out a down pour of rain and dancing to other kids singing kareoke!


The End of Summer

We went to the beach today.....the weather was great, only raining about 10 minutes, then warming up for lots of beach fun! The boy got very comfortable in the water and could be knocked over and pick himself up....so proud of himself....we went swimming deep where he wanted me to throw him up in the air and let him go under (with me holding him of course) he chased seagulls, built sandcastles and had so much fun!