"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb



What is the definition of impatience?????

ME..................waiting for the lawyer to call and tell me it's time to release the key of my house.....the phone just rang.......(hold breath)
"Is Chad there?"
"You have the wrong number..."
"I'll take your number off my list"

DANG IT.....it wasn't the lawyer's office, what a waste of excitement.....The asssitant said she would be able to release the keys to me within an hour.......talk about the LONGEST HOUR EVER!


19 Month Update

Seeing as how I am married to a procrasinator I will have to do the 19 month update now because someone (most likely HUBBY!!!) didn't bother to set up phone service and internet service for our new residence until yesterday.....the company is a LITTLE bit busy and we will be LUCKY if they can come to set up service BEFORE January 18......and now, our phone number will have to change so I will have to learn another 10 digit combination (LOL) That's ok, cause I live without the phone, it's the internet that is getting both of us! I will get him to call them again today to see if they can put a rush on it.....we'll see what happens!


Teeth: 7 (first molar is out) with LOTS and LOTS of drooling, so there are more coming

Walking: yes....almost exclusively.....he takes his time but he's doing it and is tres cute

Words: putting two words together and says please in the cutest way ever

Favourites: LOVES chili and pasta this month....loving the bath and playing PING with the duck, where we sit it on the ledge and I flick it into the water....loves computers and will sit and play with the keyboard imitating his parents....loves other kids, still Tas and his cousins but it has been noted that when we are out he will try to gain the attention of other kids by saying HI, tilting his head to one side and wave....

Reaction to snow: "ohhhhhhhh woooooowwwwwwwwww" though doesn't like to touch it and says cold before throwing it to the ground

He is growing so quickly and is becoming a little boy.....the hair growing experiment continues, it is filling it a lot and it thin and straight as a board!

Here's to hoping that our next post isn't his 20 month update...lol.....I can feel the withdrawal starting already!


Mama's little helper

We get possession of the house in two days and actually move in three. As you can imagine, Adrien's world is upside down, his home is full of boxes, there is limited access to toys and his mama is going crazy trying to get everything done in time. So this little guy tries to help, as I'm packing up the boxes he coyly removes things and places them back into the cupboard or a different box. As you can appreciate this kind of work can be VERY tiring for a 19 month old. Here he is resting....don't worry, I gave him what for....it wasn't break time yet and here he is, lying on the job! lol


Adoption Finalization Affidavit

So we have sent our social worker our affidavit where we talk about our abilities to parent a child, finacially, emotionally and physically. This is the LAST leg of our journey......this will go to the courts and then it will be done......it will be legal and we will get his birth certificate in our family name!


It's the final count down!

Well it's offical.......I can count the number of sleeps in this house on one hand! I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself.
Last night a group of neighbours went out for dinner, it was great to see everyone though it was sad to know that they will not be as close (physically). Updating my to do list would drive me crazy but everything is done except 10% of packing which are things that we still know!

Last Sunday, Adrien and I went to Christmas town with my brother, sister in law and nieces (and their neighbours). We had a good time though Adrien HATED the horse sleigh ride and wanted NOTHING to do with Santa.....poor kid.....


Mind your own

As a new mom I am learning many new things but the thing I can't handle is people telling me how to raise my child or going behind my back to telling others. To these people I would like to say mind your own business. You had your chance to raise or are still raising your children. Keep issues such as discipline, religion, play groups and everything else to yourself unless asked. Thank you.


8 days and counting

We have only 9 more sleeps in our first house. Rob and I feel in love with this house for different reasons but over the last three years it has become home....a home that has welcomed, fed and entertained many family and friends. It was the home we brought our son to.......as I count down the days left here, I'm excited about the new chapter our next house will bring......I can't wait............


Adrien is definitely an independent little guy.....telling us what he likes and what he doesn't like....He likes trying to eat on his own so the other night I stripped him down to his diaper and let him go!

Soooooo cute


Run Run

Run run as fast as you can
You can't catch me, I'm the ginge.......


Christmas Present Ideas

I read another person's blog (can't remember who)and she had a fabulous Christmas tradition that guided her gift giving for her family. It struck a cord with me and I think we will be adopting the same tradition, starting this year. You buy gifts under the following categories: want, need, wear, read.......
So this year, Santa will be bringing Adrien his "want" present.....which is yet to be determined.
His read gift will be a Dr. Suess book.....probably "The Places You'll Go" or "Drum Drum Finger Thumb"
His wear gift is 7 pairs of Sesame Street socks
His need gift will be items for his new big boy bed bedroom......

Rob can read so I can't share what his gifts are but underwear are involved!


Busy December

There seems to be a miilion things that need to be done this month. So much so thy I'm bound to mess something up. Between the move, work and life somethings gotta give.
To do list
pack....yeah yeah
pacemaker clinic....Friday
fireplace cleaned....check
2009 tax assessment...picked up today
Christmas cards...in the mail
pack....I'll get to it
confirm movers....next week
buy furniture...Monday
transfer services to new house...ask Rob
pack....don't want to
finalize adoption affidivat.... Almost done
pack.....Anne is coming this weekend
go look at house again...Monday
take stuff to the dump.....Friday
pack....for five cents, I'll get to it
have air filters replaced....oh hubby, get on it
meet with lawyers....in two weeks
go for neighbours dinner....next Saturday
pack....alright already
host moms bday dinner.... 2 1/2 weeks
sell stuff on Kijiji....tomorrow
buy stuff on Kijiji....all the time
get all the information for the lawyer.....I'm working on it
have play date with Taz....ever Wednesday
clean new house....when we get keys
clean old house....after our stuff is out
empty crawlspace,shed & pack backyard....next weekend
pay 2008 taxes.....oops. Soon?
Christmas shopping.....you mean the new house isn't gift enough for Adrien
Work.....in between that time
panic.....with every breath!
move.......17 days