"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


My ♥s

My family is the world to me......and then came my nieces and nephews....and then came Adrien.

I remember the day my sister in law told us she was pregnant with S....it was father's day and she had invited everyone over.....we had just had our 2nd failed IUI cycle earlier that month. She answered the door and she was glowing.....I knew.....and I whispered to her, "you're pregnant" she nodded yes......I hugged her.....and stayed on the front porch, where I started crying...... It wasn't that I was upset with her being pregnant....I just wanted it to be me too...I excited for them, secretly knowing it would be a girl.... I remember the day S was born..... the pride and love in my brother's face and he came out of delivery to tell us she was born was a look I will never forget. Then I saw her and she has been my love since. She is an 8 1/2 year old now....and words can't describe how I feel when she asks to spend time with me, when she wants me to tell her things....when she cuddles into me....

Next came E....it was Christmas time and my sister called me at my grandparents house. Before I could even say hello, she was crying....she couldn't tell me she was pregnant....she was sobbing.....we cried together.....and when E was born in Nashville, I was at work at camp, without cell phone reception and I remember calling her the entire day she was being induced....and finally, at dusk time, I called...and he was born..... He is a gentle, smart person (who's turning 7 next week) Who is creative, musical and a showman. He should be famous (according to him) because he can lick his elbow, he saved a life, can sing the Phantom of the Opera and....and....and....I can't remember the last one.

Miss I came next....My brother, sister in law and S went to Italy for a cousins wedding. A few weeks later, after faking that she had gained so much weight in Italy, my sister in law announced she was pregnant....this time, no tears.....In January, I joined our family. I was the person that they called to take care of S. I remember going to bed that night thinking it would be a while still....sure enough, the call came at 2AM.... the baby is coming, please come...I arrived and snuggled up beside S. At 8 the phone rang with my brother telling me that it would probably be lunch before the baby came and to take our time getting to the hospital. S and I had breakfast and were just getting dressed when my brother called again at 8:30 to tell us S was a sister and to get to the hospital ASAP. Miss I was a beauty...with big dark eyes and a dimple in her chin. She is our fashionista, mothering, love who has lots of questions and is always willing to help.
One day, I was sitting in the apartment and my brother knocked on my door, with a very sober face, my heart sank....he then asked me if I had heard about Miss I.... I held my breath afraid of what he was going to tell me next...."She's going to be a big sister" were the words out of his mouth....I punched him so hard before I hugged him. The day F joined our family, I didn't find out until 6 hours later because no one could get a hold of me....I dashed to the hospital to find the cutest little thing wrapped up. F is a great kid, who was known for eating so much as a baby....she full of life and will challenge everything redirection given...I am also honoured I was chosen to be her Godmother.

I'm embarrassed to admit I don't remember how my sister told me that M would be joining our family.......(sorry M!) But I know I was so excited. The day he was born, I had my entire family at our house having a BBQ and my sister was being induced 1300kms away. We stayed in phone contact all day and were so excited when she texted my brother with pictures of the newest addition. Oh, M....he and I are like oil and vinegar.....we love each other so much, but I egg the poor kid on so much. He's a big kid who could whistle at the age of 2....He has a mop of gorgeous curls and just wants to be like his brother. At the age of 3.5, he's reading and is so smart and active...
I knew I loved my nieces and nephews with all my heart, knowing I would die for them, do anything for them but nothing prepared me for the love I felt for Adrien. He came next.....and changed our lives....
And finally, R joined us.....Adrien and I went to visit his cousins a couple of Christmases ago and were greeted by the cousins and my sister in law.....almost in unison, the three girls asked "Guess what? Mommy's going to have a baby!!!!" We were so excited waiting for R, the youngest of four sisters and the only blue eyed girl and a shocking head full of black hair (I remember kissing her head and realizing she hadn't been bathed yet) I got to record her first bath. She joined us last summer....and is the most stubborn headstrong adventurous 1 year old ever....I can't wait to get to know her better as she grows....

These people mean the world to me and my wish for them is a life full of laughter and memories of great times... My loves......


Niagara Falls

I took two days vacation while my sister has been here with BIG plans of doing tons of stuff. We were going to spend a morning in Niagara Falls then drive to Toronto so the boys could nap in the car and head to Center Island. While in Niagara Falls, we were going to do the Maiden of the Mist, walk behind the Falls and maybe a museum or two. Well, we walked behind the Falls before heading home. The boys were tired and we just wanted to get home. It was so much fun! Wish they could stay longer!

Boy Cousin Time

My sister and nephews are here!!!!! And we are loving it! Wanting to spend each waking moment with them but life interferes! Anyways, the boys are like brothers, they love each other and fight like no others. We have done some fun things (next post) with them.....like hanging out at Nonno's, Zia's, K's, going to St. Jacob's Market where we watched an live stock auction, Niagara Falls and the splash pad. Adrien LOVES having his cousins here and especially LOVES Zia's van...and the DVD player in it...lol
The boys cuddling and watching a movie

Fun sitting on a bench at Niagara Falls, waiting to go walking behind the Falls.

Big boy cousin and little boy cousin after an ice cream!

Splash pad fun

Lunch with a beautiful girl...

They are here for another week and we are going to miss them so much when they leave.....we love them so much!


Awesome weekend

My cup is full.....and I'm tired.....what a great weekend! How lucky are we to have access to wonderful nature spots and great friends!



So far this summer has been amazing.....going to water parks, parks, wading pools and neighbourhood fun.......so much fun!


Festival Italiano!

Every year our city has a Festival Italiano.....and when we're here, we go.....and every year I am disappointed. This year was no exception. Aside from the massive amounts of over priced dull tasting food that they make, there really isn't anything happening. Parking is full and you have to walk and there's a midway that has 6 rides, and only two that I would feel safe putting the boy on. BUT we went.....and we played and listened to music....we watched the cannoli eating contest (gross!)...though now I'm looking forward to other festivals in our town!
Hubby's dream come true... 4 Adriens!!!!!!

Playing in the bouncy castle....

Being so CUTE!

So excited to be walking on a railway!


The Visit

Today we met with the social worker as part of our second adoption. Talking to her has made me realize how much hubby and I have changed as parents. We are a stronger united team that want only the best for our children. We have grown as individuals and are becoming better partners to each other. We talked about how a second child would change our family dynamics, how it would enhance our lives and how it would make Adrien a big brother. A BIG BROTHER! He's so little...and sooner than we think, we will have another child.
The visit was great, we still need to get some of the paperwork into her but since we won't be doing PRIDE training until the fall, I feel no hurry to get it all in. 3 of our 5 references have responded, so if that was you, Thank you.....if you still have to get it in, do it already!!!!!! lol.....
She also asked us what kind of child we could parent this time around, taking into consideration Adrien......Hubby and I both agreed that this time would be more "picky" in that we would want the child to add to Adrien, not take away from him...... She seemed impressed with how well behaved he was and how big he's gotten..... he really has grown.... she also brought up how we would feel and how we would deal if Adrien required extra support for learning.... of course, like all parents, we would do what ever we had to to ensure his best quality of life....
I also brought up closed vs open adoption. We are currently in a closed adoption and I wanted to know how an open adoption with the next child might affect Adrien. She has some cases and though there is some hurt, it's normally ok. She suggested that I continue writing to his birth mother yearly, not only for her but for Adrien. And hopefully, when the grief isn't so fresh for her, she may write back. I also shared that I have found the birth father and that I saved a picture of him so that one day, at least Adrien would know what he looks like. She thought it was a good idea. She was very pleased to know that his foster parents were still in his life and that he still sees them (note to self, call them....it's time for a visit!) So life with Adrien continues....and hopefully, sooner than later, it will be life with Adrien and his sibling!


Canada Day 2011

We spent Canada with some great friends, at the park and in the neighbourhood. Our local park had family day festivities, with a Midway, free bouncy castles, petting zoo, pony rides, bands, parks, Duck races and food. We went in the morning for a play date with 3 of the boys friends and got on all the rides before the park got packed!
Adrien loved playing in the pirate ship bouncy castle, running through the tubes, climbing on the ladders and sliding down! He was exhausted by the time we got home and had a nice L O N G nap.....and then he wanted to go back again!

So we headed back after nap with daddy and some neighbourhood friends. He feed all the animals, though was nervous at first having to hold my hand, until he was comfortable just offering his own little hand of food. His favourite animal was the baby lamb nursing from it's mom.

We returned home just in time for the neighbourhood fireworks......they were stunning....lasting 2 hours!!!!! TWO HOURS of fireworks! He loved it.......he would watch for a while, then go and run with his little friends, returning to his wagon to watch some more....

Happy 144th Birthday Canada......so honoured and privileged to live in this country.....