"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


The Visit

Today we met with the social worker as part of our second adoption. Talking to her has made me realize how much hubby and I have changed as parents. We are a stronger united team that want only the best for our children. We have grown as individuals and are becoming better partners to each other. We talked about how a second child would change our family dynamics, how it would enhance our lives and how it would make Adrien a big brother. A BIG BROTHER! He's so little...and sooner than we think, we will have another child.
The visit was great, we still need to get some of the paperwork into her but since we won't be doing PRIDE training until the fall, I feel no hurry to get it all in. 3 of our 5 references have responded, so if that was you, Thank you.....if you still have to get it in, do it already!!!!!! lol.....
She also asked us what kind of child we could parent this time around, taking into consideration Adrien......Hubby and I both agreed that this time would be more "picky" in that we would want the child to add to Adrien, not take away from him...... She seemed impressed with how well behaved he was and how big he's gotten..... he really has grown.... she also brought up how we would feel and how we would deal if Adrien required extra support for learning.... of course, like all parents, we would do what ever we had to to ensure his best quality of life....
I also brought up closed vs open adoption. We are currently in a closed adoption and I wanted to know how an open adoption with the next child might affect Adrien. She has some cases and though there is some hurt, it's normally ok. She suggested that I continue writing to his birth mother yearly, not only for her but for Adrien. And hopefully, when the grief isn't so fresh for her, she may write back. I also shared that I have found the birth father and that I saved a picture of him so that one day, at least Adrien would know what he looks like. She thought it was a good idea. She was very pleased to know that his foster parents were still in his life and that he still sees them (note to self, call them....it's time for a visit!) So life with Adrien continues....and hopefully, sooner than later, it will be life with Adrien and his sibling!

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