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Christmas Present Ideas

I read another person's blog (can't remember who)and she had a fabulous Christmas tradition that guided her gift giving for her family. It struck a cord with me and I think we will be adopting the same tradition, starting this year. You buy gifts under the following categories: want, need, wear, read.......
So this year, Santa will be bringing Adrien his "want" present.....which is yet to be determined.
His read gift will be a Dr. Suess book.....probably "The Places You'll Go" or "Drum Drum Finger Thumb"
His wear gift is 7 pairs of Sesame Street socks
His need gift will be items for his new big boy bed bedroom......

Rob can read so I can't share what his gifts are but underwear are involved!


  1. I love that idea...maybe I'll suggest that for next year!

  2. I've never heard of "Drum Drum FInger Thumb" but "Hand Hand Finger Thumb" is a good one :P

  3. You is funny Seca! What.....leave me alone!