"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


Highlights of 2010...wow what a year!

2010 was a fabulous year, there were so many changes, so many moments of laughter and so much love. I hope 2011 is just as amazing!

JANUARY: In January, we had just moved to our new home, Adrien had only been walking about 6 weeks and he also started daycare....which was harder for dad than anyone. We celebrated TONS of families birthdays.

FEBRUARY: we got our finalization papers.....Legally he belonged to our family! For me, there were rumours of changes at work and a HUGE stressful meeting where we were told our jobs were changing starting in March!

MARCH: Adrien was baptised, we got his birth certificate and passport.

APRIL: I had my pacemaker changed. My mom came up to take care of me for two weeks and then Adrien and I returned to Nashville with her for 3 weeks.

MAY: We spent half of May in Nashville and survived the 100 year flood, upon our return, we celebrated Adrien's 2 birthday...the theme was old school food with lots of pop, pizza, Elmo cupcakes and a bouncy castle! We also went to Rochester to the Children's Museum....and had a blast!

JUNE: with the beautiful weather, we spent a lot of time outside with our new neighbours and family.....going to parks and playing with cousins!

JULY: Summer vacation! We went down east for two weeks to be with Rob's family....it was amazing...upon return, my work had a meeting and our program lost 10 full time positions.
July also brought two new cousins for Adrien.....our4th beautiful niece and my cousin's first child.

AUGUST: Adrien and I headed back to Nashville for Evan's birthday! I had my birthday and we went to festivals!

SEPTEMBER: Was busy....with learning a new job and trying to juggle things at home, I don't remember much about September though I know it was awesome!

OCTOBER: for Thanksgiving we decided to get away....we headed off to London and did all the attractions! We went to African Lion's Safari in the rain and had a blast trick or treating with our little skeleton. October was also the month that Rob took on an additional part time weekend overnight job.

NOVEMBER: another busy month, with Baptisms, Confirmations, family visiting and making hats!

DECEMBER: was really focused on family, visiting in Memere and some aunts, being with family and heading back to Nashville for Christmas.........

What a blessed year we have had, what wonder filled memories created.....the tears from sorrow and joy that have been shed and the pure amazement of the beauty that surrounds us......we are blessed.....

Wishing you all the health and happiness in 2011!

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