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Toopy and Binoo

Toopy and Binoo is a kids show seen on Treehouse. "Toupie et Binou" was the original title of the children books collection written by Dominique Jolin. The same collection appeared in English under the title "Washington and Deecee". Binoo then appeared in a small series of his own. Treehouse and Spectra Animation then brought them to television, both in English and French version, dubbing their English names to "Toopy and Binoo".
Adrien LOVES Toopy and Binoo.....he will stop EVERYTHING as soon as he hears the theme songs.....guess what? Toopy and Binoo are going on tour! http://www.toopyandbinooontour.com/ AND ADRIEN IS GOING! He has NO idea yet....and in fairness, it's not until September so telling him now would be crazy! Hubby is taking the night off work, and our little family is going to a performance at our local theatre! He's going to LOVE IT!!!!!!

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