"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


Adrien and Ryan

After we found out that Ryan would be joining our family, hubby and I raced over to the daycare to tell Adrien and show him a picture of Ryan.  I brought Adrien into the small front room where hubby was waiting with the picture....Adrien was excited to see his daddy at daycare and went over to him....Hubby showed Adrien Ryan's picture and asked if he knew who the boy was.  Adrien responded no (of course) then hubby went on to say that is was his baby brother....Adrien looked at the picture for a couple of seconds before saying "Now we can have bunk beds and I'll sleep on the top".  It took Adrien about 2 hours to process and think about things before he became ecstatic...he talked to Ryan's picture about everything....showed anyone who looked his way about his new brother....kept telling me that in 4 sleeps Ryan would be coming home....He was happy....and that's what hubby and I wanted. Aside from our needs to parent another child, we wanted to give Adrien the opportunity to grow up with a sibling...Adrien woke up Friday morning saying that he missed Ryan and wants Ryan to come home....he slept with his head at the foot of the bed so he could look into the crib, practising for when his brother is there.  He is on cloud 9!
Yesterday we met with the foster parents....Adrien was so excited because he thought Ryan would be there, though was great playing with all the novel toys in the room.  Adrien brought Ryan his Curious George monkey so that Ryan could love it and bring it home with him.  When asked what Adrien should buy for his little brother, he responded "Blah, Blah"  Blah Blah is a sort of sock monkey that Grandma gave to him.  He travels with him, sleeps with him and loves that monkey.  He wanted the same for his little brother.
Today we went to WalMart   and Adrien got to pick what he wanted to get for Ryan.  He picked a Sock Monkey and then asked if I could buy matching Mickey Mouse pj's!  I love that kid.....and cant' wait for Ryan to come home too!

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  1. AHHH! I'm just catching up now, I am ecstatic for your family!!!! This is awesome news :)