"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb



This are going ok with this transition....We are visiting Ryan, he's getting excited to see us and we have fun together. Yesterday we had him here for the day. He was to be here for 10 and we were to drop him off at 4, then proceed to my brother's for his birthday party. He wasn't dropped off until 11:45 and we were told he could stay with us until after dinner and bath....to bring him back around 7:30. Then they left....Hubby was in a mood, Adrien was in a mood and I was excited. Finally, a taste of what my family would be like in September....oh man! The poor little guy was beside himself in that he wanted to play and would go from one thing to the next within seconds.....he wouldn't smile or respond to his name (though when he was walking on the sidewalk and got too far, when I requested him to stop, he did). We came in for lunch, KD and hot dogs....he ate well and had a few smiles and giggles...then was rubbing his eyes so we brought him up for his afternoon nap....DISASTER.....he didn't know where he was, he would go from hubby to me trying to escape the room...finally, after about 10 minutes, we decided to skip the nap as he was crying in distress and that's not good for attaching. So we put him in a stroller and took him for a walk but it's a new environment and he wanted to see everything so that didn't work, so we stayed outside to play....a couple of hours later he started rubbing his eyes more so I brought him in. He laid in his crib with his puppy and blanket and laid there....for about a minute before trying to climb out of the crib. I just cuddled him, him putting his head on my chest, just trying to make him feel better. Finally he pointed to the pillow on the bed so I laid him down. Within minutes he was out cold.....we woke him after an hour as we didn't want the nap to interfere with his bed time routine. We had dinner, went outside to play some more....came in had a bath, then pjs....took some pictures and headed back to the foster home. He was happy to see them....I wonder what tomorrow will be like....when I go to pick him up....will he cry? Stay tuned!

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