"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb



There has been some nasty bugs through this house over the last few months.....and I've been lucky enjoy to dodge the bullet.....but this one.....this one is something......it invaded Friday night.....and I've been trying to trick it, trying to ignore it, trying to sleep with it.....until today.....three nights of horrible unrest and almost four days of zero tolerance for ANYTHING...(I LOVE the sick husband commercial) .I gave in and went to the walk in.  After a negative Strep test result was given to me, the dr snorted, it's viral, you should be at the end of it now.......so....in an attempt to upset the illness enough to leave my body, I began a full force attack.
(please note that I am not proud of some these pictures, but I was willing to try anything to breath through my nostrils)
My ammunition was on hand and I began.........with some Advil......and a NetiPot rinse (so addicting by the way!)

Best tissue idea EVER

Something my neighbour gave from from Holland

Breathing the stuff from Holland...made my eyes water

Call my mom.....I'm sick....


  1. I was sick this past week as well and finally caved and went to the walk in.... viral (big shock) - I've been gargling salt water, mega dosing on Vit C and flushing my system with as much water as I can drink without gagging. I'm not brave enough to try the neti-pot

  2. I put off trying the Neti Pot for years....yesterday I bit the bullet and am so glad I did.....it's the weirdest feeling EVER....in the greatest way possible.