"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


My Mom♥

As a kid, I remember my mom being there for me...always....taking me to the doctors, letting me have friends over, buying me things and always there to talk. She did anything and everything for me.....and I let her, I expected it of her and demanded it of her. I wasn't always the nicest daughter but I felt a fierce protectiveness over her. She was my best friend growing up, always there putting us first....of course she made mistakes, she's human, but she taught me what kind of mom I wanted to be and for that I thank her, I love her with all of my ♥. During all the infertility hardships, her tears were as steady as mine and I know her broke each and every time a procedure failed. One of the first things I remember when we got the call.....one of the first thoughts was how I was going to tell her because she was going to go crazy with excitement. I called her and she was at Sam's CLub and all she kept repeating was "oh my gosh....really? oh my gosh....really? Fast forward 18 months later and the bond between the two of them is so strong!
My mom has 7 grandchildren, from three of her four children. And every single one of them know, love and cherish her....she has found something about each one of her grandkids that makes them special and has bonded with them over it.....
You're one great lady and I am HONOURED to be your first born daughter....I ♥ U

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  1. Anonymous21.9.10

    wow denise you sure know how to make your mother cry thank you for all your kind words. i love you all and you all very special to me and all my grandkids have a piece of my heart love mam