"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


A little bit of everything

Adrien has recently become aware of arts and crafts and animals.....it seems his current favourite animal is the tiger.....he roars like a tiger, he crawls around like a tiger, he calls lions tigers.....it's all about the tiger! He and I were playing one day when he found a pen....and proceeded to draw tiger stripes on his face....he was quite proud of himself and kept telling me how cute he was....and of course I had to agree, he was one cute tiger...well Rob came home and saw the ink on his son's face and I thought he was going to freak out....asking me if I knew that our son could get ink poisioning from the drawing and how was I ever going to get it off of his skin.....his face of all places....I just kept laughing, not trying to upset Rob but at how concerned he was.....folks, if my child was going to get ink poisioning from the pen on his skin, there would have to be a warning of the package of pens....when in fact the package has no such warning....so until it does, I will continue to write on my own skin allow my son to write on him!

My brother and sister in law have four of the most beautiful daughters in the world....and as you can image, they have accummulated A LOT of toys and kids stuff. They generously gave Adrien a children's Cailou pull out couch....he was THRILLED! (that's putting it mildly!) He insisted to listen to his bed time stories on it....so I put the couch on the bed and he sat on while I read to him. When the stories where done, he wanted to sleep on it....who am I to agrue...it's not a big deal, so I pulled the could out, put his pillow in it, covered him up and he fell a sleep so fast! He lastest one night and hasn't asked to sleep in it since! Though he plays with it all the time!

My nephew got a monkey Blabla (http://www.blablakids.com/Online-Shopping/Classic-blablas) that he loves......so my mom bought Adrien a Blabla for himself, though it is not the trademarked one, Adrien calls it Blabla and sleeps with him every night....he tells him stories and talks to him as he falls asleep....I think it's so cute that my kid sleep with a stuffie.....and that he has a friend who lets him do all the talking (I could use a friend like that! lol)

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