"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


2011 in review

JANUARY: We were busy with birthdays....it seems that 80% of our family's birthdays fall in January.....also, my mom, sister and family came up as we had a surprise 80th birthday for my grandmother on February 1! We also started swimming lessons and played outside....A LOT

FEBRUARY: We still enjoyed having family up visiting....and we did a lot of baking and cooking. He seemed very interested in learning how to and being helpful in the kitchen. Still in swimming lessons!!!!!

MARCH: we headed down to Nashville for spend almost two weeks with my mom, my sister and her family. The weather was beautiful, we wore shorts, went to the Zoo and had so much fun! Adrien also graduated to the preschooler room at daycare....and we dropped out of swimming lessons.

APRIL: We saw my oldest childhood friend marry the man of her dreams (he is kinda dreamy ;)) We hung out at the airport and watched all the planes fly overhead.....we celebrated Easter and learned how to make pizza!

MAY: We celebrated his cousin's First Communion and his 3rd birthday with a Rock Star party! The best part was that Grandma was here too!

JUNE: We spent a lot of time outdoors.....at parks, picnicking (having a dog pee in our picnic basket of food) and hanging with family and friends.

JULY: we went to festivals, had the cousins come up again to celebrate baby cousin's 1st birthday!!!!! Played hard and saw fireworks! Hung out with ZiZi (my uncle) from Italy....saw a bike race and had a police escort out of Nonno's! (due to bike race)

AUGUST: Seemed super busy.....lots of activities, lots of visiting, lots of beaching and camping for the first time! Also, the last time we cut his hair......

SEPTEMBER: He learned to ride his bike, we went to more beaches and got to see Toopy and Binoo LIVE! The look on his face was out of this world!

OCTOBER: we celebrated birthdays, went to pumpkin patches and Halloween but we couldn't get our upcoming Disney cruise out of our minds...

NOVEMBER: Disney was the only thing on our minds for the whole month!

DECEMBER: To start with, there was illness of sinus and ear infections though he did grow an inch and gained 1.5 pounds this month! We saw lots of parades, enjoyed the outdoors and visited as many people as we could!

I think my resolution for 2012 is to keep up on the theme of others, growing to know people better and visiting them, letting them love my kid and celebrate family!

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