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A little bit of everything 2012

This year has started.....and it roared in like a lion and we've been doing lots of great stuff!
With the mild weather in the New Year, our family has been enjoying numerous activities out....our city has created a beautiful skating rink outside of city hall.....we headed to our local second hand store where I found bob skates and a helmet.....all for $6. See previous blog with pictures and video! We have been a few times and he is getting used to it, not loving every second but dealing with having to try!
Again with the weather being mild, we have been going for "night walks".....and since it's dark after 5, everything is done at night! We walk the paths, go looking for remaining outdoor lights, and go on adventures so that we can return to have warm "hot" chocolate, loaded with mini marshmellows and get cozy under blankets to watch movies before going to bed.

And the boy is getting many of his mama's traits.....like getting so excited about going somewhere, that he hurries and gets ready WAY before it's time, sometimes hours before it's time to leave....lol... I am now using the timer on the microwave to let him know when we are leaving.... I should get him a Time Timer (that we use with the kids at work) so that he can SEE how much time we have before leaving....and yes, I can choose not to tell him, but he likes to know what we are doing every day (note to self, make him a calendar/agenda) .....so how can I NOT tell him!

Lots of other fun things are happening.....

1. Hubby turned 40! Can you believe I'm married to such an old man! We were going to spend the day in the city he grew up in over the weekend, but Saturday was ridicously cold and Sunday, none of us could get motivated to move....so the boy and I made cupcakes and we ordered pizza for dinner....we will be celebrating the birthday in February!

2. On the adoption front, things are NOT moving and I'm NOT happy (surprise!) The SW hasn't been over to finish our homestudy (we finished PRIDE in November...what? Am I expecting too much) and she is coming over next week. But after everything that happened in PRIDE and the story of adoption that is unfolding for my friend, I teeter between Adrien being an only child and having him surrounded by cousins and giving him a sibling..... I have never wanted an only child, in my mind (and only in my mind) I think it would be lonely. I remember having a friend that was an only child and when we were younger I remember her telling me that being an only child sucked and that a person could die of loneliness....it just stuck with me, true or not....it stuck...Back to adoption, I hate that the SW make themselves seem like the saviours.....saviours to these "poor" children and these "poor infertile" families....when in reality, if they did their job better, there were be less kids falling through the cracks....(and I'm not holding the SW 100%, I know what caseloads are like and limitations and how everyone wants more work for less money....I get it!)...it's just frustrating.....

3. So last night I get home and there is a message on the machine.....it's Adrien's "big boy" school....yes, he's going to JK in September. The message went along the lines of...We have Adrien's name down as a possible student for our school. Can you please call and confirm? In turn, we will send you an information package to fill out and bring to registration on January 3o. WHAT!!!!!!!!! JK registration doesn't begin in our area until January 30 SO my question is how did they get our contact information....when I asked her that, she replied though I don't remember what she said, I did decide that it made sense, but could I explain it again, no, probably not! It has to do with the fact that his school in under a boundary review. More importantly....my baby is starting school.....he is going to learn so many new and different things....I'm so excited for him!

4. When visiting cousins, we don't need a couch to watch TV!!!! lmao....I love the below picture!

5. Adrien has started a new class....I know, right, look at me, never giving up in setting my kid up for failure (see two swimming lesson drop out sessions and incomplete gymnastics) He and I talked a lot about this new class. It's a Dance Fit class. When I called to register him, he and our neighbour were the only two registered. He was very excited about going with his friend....when we got there, he said good bye to me and headed off like the big boy that he is with the teacher. I spied for a little bit...he seemed to really like it...then I went for coffee. When I got back near the end of the class, he was laughing and listening to instructions and when he saw me, he waved but kept on dancing! HE WANTS TO GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Adrien recieved the following books for Christmas......I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them.....we absolutely LOVE reading them over and over again! They send a fabulous message about love and self esteem......
Draw and paint a little!
Make friends!
Sing and dance a little!
Have fun!
Be kind—be brave!
And be the best YOU

Love is me, and love is you.
You see, when you smile I smile too.
When you’re around, the skies are blue.
It’s like being happy . . . times two!

7. We have a new routine at home.....at bedtime actually.....it was inspired by my eldest niece. We were at my brother and sister-in-laws last Friday night and I noticed that every spare second my niece had, she had her nose buried in a book. I commented to my SIL how impressed I was with her like of books. She replied that it's because she sees her reading.....so now our new routine consists of 10 minutes of Adrien reading his books with me reading my book beside him. Then I read him his night time stories. We have done this for 4 nights and he LOVES it.....he likes picking out different books and telling me stuff that is happening in the books......

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