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Merry Christmas

We had a fabulous Christmas.....I will back it up to two weeks previous, when we had to take Adrien to the ER because he woke up in the middle of the night screaming....Turns out he had an ear infection and was put on Amoxocillian for 10 days.
The week before Christmas, we got to visit with Adrien's foster parents. It was a visit much needed and did wonders for our boy. He was beaming....and so happy....we hadn't seen them since April and Adrien will request to see them or ask where they are, so I know seeing them did him a world of good. At dinner time, he helped set the table, and set three stools, with plates on one side of the table and a lone chair with a plate on the other side. He very loudly announced that the three stools were for gramma, him and grampa.....mommy can sit in the chair.....I laughed and reveled in his love for them....it is there, unconditional and ever lasting....

On December 23 (the day after he finished his medication) he complained of an ear ache and was coughing up a storm, so we headed to the walk in that our family doctor mans on Fridays. His ears were clear and so was his chest. PERFECT!
On December 24 we headed to my grandparents home....my youngest brother, his girlfriend and my dad showed up.....it was nice....we ate an early dinner, opened gifts left at my grandparents from a friend....

....before heading home. Once we got home, we made some cookies and hot chocolate and had our neighbours over before bed time.....

Christmas morning we were up around 8.....and he found all his gifts waiting for him.

As a tradition, gifts are purchased for the following categories:
Something you want= awesome construction set with a crane, diggers, cement mixer, dump truck and a bunch of guys and pylons to play with (HE LOVED IT!!! Hubby got video of him opening it and squealing with delight but someone passed wind and so we are not posting that video!)
Something you need= a 54 page scrapbook of our Disney Cruise....only took me three FULL weekends to put together and he LOVES looking through it.
Something to wear= penguin pj's (exciting I know!)
Something to read= 14 pack of Disney books.
And Santa brought him a skateboard (which he also squealed to as he opened it), Pictureka, I Spy puzzle and TWO stockings.....the little man did well....he's growing and exploring therefore needs different toys to teach him and help him learn.

We headed to my dads for Christmas linner (between lunch and dinner) Where my brothers (who haven't spoken to each other is over six months) and their families came. We had an awesome time playing, laughing and eating, the whole time, the two of them avoiding each other like the plague.....they will be ok....(I pray) just not right now....

We have done a lot of tobogganing over the holidays.....almost everyday we (along with our adventurous neighbours) have hit the hills..... Adrien tried his first GT racer and LOVED it, now I want to buy him one...maybe next year! He did get a new sled and an inner tube to go on, though he is getting braver and trying to go without me on each run (more pictures to follow!)

Then on the 27th it happened again, the crying and complaining of his ear hurting. I had a girlfriend over and we were catching up, when he asked us not to talk so loud and his eyes and colouring looked off. We cut our visit short and I headed off to the walk in with him.....We got to our regular one....and I popped my head in, what luck!!!!!!!!!!!!! the waiting room was empty and the doctor and reception were chatting away.....that's because they CLOSED at 4 and it was 4:30....why didn't they go home? Anyways, next we headed to the the ER to see....from the window, you could tell that it was standing room only...REALLY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! My son needed a dr and I didn't know what to do. I contacted hubby who informed me that all medical care in our city excluding the ER was closed until January 3....he was VERY misinformed! I then contacted a friend who would know the information and she sent us to another walk in....we arrived at 5:15....it was closed for another 45 minutes....So we sat down....by 5:30, there were 30 people there waiting and Adrien was crying in pain....Finally at 6, it opened.....we were the first in line, registered and were seen by a dr by 6:05......turns out, he also had a sinus infection that was causing the ear infection.....so, more medication...and a lot of play inside :(

And he seemed to be doing better until he woke up last night screaming of pain in his other ear.....Advil was administered and after 20 minute of heart wrenching crying he fell asleep....

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