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Asking for Help

So......after a heart felt talk with hubby, we have decided to ask for help from the social worker.  She came today.....we asked for help....and got some....was it what we were looking for? Not 100% but it's better than nothing.  YAY!!!
As for other services, we have regular SLP sessions, we have booked an OT assessment with a private provider.....we have an assessment with Infant Development, we have a consult with an ophthalmologist, we have a hearing test tomorrow and a referral for a sleep assessment.  Why so many tests and appointments?  To rule everything out and to ensure that we have the best proactive strategies in place to help Ryan reach his potential to ensure his best quality of life.  This child is so clever...and is trying to over come so many things.  i need to be more patient and understanding....I need to remember that he's only been here for 8 weeks (already, I know!) and that he has almost two years of history that needs to be rewritten.
We know for sure he has an oral motor delay, that is being addressed by the SLP.  He has sensory processing issues, that will be addressed by the OT.  He has sight issues that could hinder how he interprets his environment so we are seeing an eye specialist in a big city.  He has some behavioural issues and when the social worker saw him today shared that he reminder he of another client and it turned out that child wasn't getting enough REM sleep so we have booked a sleep study assessment for him..... so many things to do.....but in the end, it's all for him, because he deserves the best...... and though frustrated at times, we love him so much.

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  1. He is such a lucky little boy to have you as parents. I am in awe at how dedicated you are to doing the best for him! Sending prayers your way that you get the help and answers you need. <3