"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


Weekend pictures

On Saturday, R and I took A to the Science Centre.....Because it was the last weekend for the exhibit of Body Works, the line up was HUGE! We waited for 40 minutes to get our tickets to get in. Once inside it was so crowded that you couldn't move without bumping into someone....now, I'm not a HUGE fan of super big crowds and it was maddening.....We took A to the KidSpark area and the number of kids bumping into us, dumping things on the ground and leaving was more than I could take. At one point, I was picking up toys because I thought that if they were in place, the next kid would find easier....well didn't R just laugh at me....thinking I had OCD or something. While we were at the massive sized lego table, some kid was trying to grab lego's out of A's hand and at one point hit him twice.......no parent in sight, no discipline or correction for the kid....and what can I do? All I can do is protect my kid and remove him...which is what I did while I glared at the parent 20 feet away on the cell phone oblivious to her child's actions. Ok, ok, this isn't a complaint session, though it feels good to vent.

We enjoyed playing in the toddler section (for kids under 3...though there were MUCH older kids in there!) and A loved playing in the kitchen area with the real looking food and kid sized appliances......
We then went to look in the older kid section where he was mesmorized by lights and mixing them to make different colours.
Then on the bottom floor, they have those light projections things on the ground that are interactive when you step on them......my boy tried to catch those fish for a good half hour! He was sprawling, crawling and laughing his head off everytime he got close and the fish (obviously) got away!
Sunday morning started with a video chat with Grandma and Gary where Mr. Mister decided he wanted some coffee.......so he enjoyed trying to inhale leftover droplets out of my cup.....he's too funny!
And not quite sure what to do next, he began to Roll Up the Rim to try to win, not realizing that the competition isn't on yet.....he's growing so fast, learning so much and trying so many new things!
What a joy!

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