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Welcome to my Hair Boutique

Growing up I used to LOVE cutting my dolls hair....then later, my brothers and sister's hair.....then I got a job as a shampoo girl at a hair salon.......In fact, I fancy myself something of a stylist. When I lived in Edmonton and worked at the homeless shelter, I would cut all the guys hair when they were getting ready for job interviews.....I cut, perm and colour anyone's hair who asks......including Rob....but that's another post, just don't ask him about streaking caps and platinum blond.
Enter Adrien into the picture....my sweet little beautiful boy. Little did he know that he entered the house of DeeDee Boutique, sponsered by Remmington Clippers.....lol.

This young child came to us at one year of age.....his beautiful strawberry blond hair had NEVER been touched by man to sculpt it or cut it......
In walks Mama.......who is just itching....and I mean ITCHING....to cut it.....out came the scissors...and his beautiful locks were trimmed.....(the hair is kept)....in a straight line....and around the ears....
Mama had enough of the straight line look and purchased a Remmington clipper set at Wal-Mart for $17.....then came the fauxhawk.....such a cute look on my little man....we would paste it to stay up and he would walk around so proud of how he looked!
One night, a neighbour came out with his two daughters.....all three of them had streaks of pink in their hair.....so again...Mama, with her bright ideas throws some pink coloured spray in her baby's fauxhawk!
Then the fauxhawk got too long or maybe Mama got over zealous with the clippers.....it is a little stressful to clip his hair....he HATES it! He tells me all done, finished....you would think I was torturing him, but once you start, you have to finish....otherwise you'll have a funny looking kid.
Another one of Mama's bright ideas......let's grow out baby's hair as long as we can over the winter and see how cute he looks....
The hair started getting out of control quickly....something had to be done, Mama was using almost a whole bottle of shampoo with each washing......
So out came Remmington and snip snip....maybe we'll try again next winter for the shaggy look!

I'm already preparing for the day when Adrien comes home from school talking about how his friends go to barbers and hairdressers and wanting to know what those are!......

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  1. LMAO!! I giggled the whole way through.
    Want to cut my hair?
    I trust you :)