"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


We're back!

Adrien and I had a fabulous time away! We left Wednesday night and due to weather, were delayed in Baltimore for 2 hours.....my kid....SUPERSTAR! He walked from window to window watching the planes....enthralled...at one window, two pilots waved at him, he was so excited. Our flight came in after 11:00pm and guess who was still awake AND walking through the airport....That's right....my kid! lol....And when he saw Grandma.....he went RUNNING for her......hugged and kissed her!

He slept in Thursday morning and awoke asking for Grandma! So he went to wake her as his cousins and aunt arrived.....the kids played until we went down to the pool for a swim....it was so HOT out....like 101! OMG it was hot and so was the pool. After swimming, it was lunch and nap time.....My youngest brother was there, my couin, G arrived Thursday afternoon and my cousin, A was arriving that evening (it would be the first time we ever met her and Adrien fell in ♥)
Friday morning, Adrien woke up to this

His uncle and two cousins sleeping in Grandma's family room.....he watched them for 5 minutes before he started yelling at them to wake up!
Friday night we headed back to Euro Grill were about 40 friends and family gathered for dinner.....it was amazing, as always, to eat great food, have fabulous conversation and watch the kids play so wonderfully!

For Evan and Maddox's birthday and Christmas presents, my siblings and I contributed to buying them drums.......Adrien is a natural!

We were there to celebrate Evan's birthday and play on the slip and slide......we celebrated and played hard.....so hard infact, I couldn't move the next day and EVERYTHING hurt!

On Sunday, as I was checking in for my flight the next day, we came to realize that no one booked Adrien a return trip....LOL.....SERIOUSLY! So we ended up on an early flight that was delayed over an hour and our connector had to be held for us.....I sat with a little guy that only wanted to talk about how the wings have engines....I think he might be a pilot.....it was a fabulous mini-vacation that left me refreshed and re-energized!

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