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Our Profile

I have been struggling the last few nights writing our profile for our adoption. I received an out line from the agency today and didn't realize how many people would be looking at the profile. The list included:
" Your profile book could potentially be shown to:
  • social workers who are considering placing a child in your home

  • birth parents and extended family

  • foster families

  • older children to be placed for adoption or foster/adop"

    How do you put onto paper your heart's desire....how do you talk about the hardest thing to talk about, that makes you the most vulnerable...and to strangers...not knowing what they want to hear or what might upset them. How do you display your family in the best light without coming off "perfect" cause it's just a snap shot of who you are....of course we're only put the best pictures on that show fun, love and happiness....I have finished the "dear birthmother" letter (with the help of my sister) and think it is very reflective on who we are.....Anyways.....it's almost done.....finishing touches are being put on it and then will be sending it to My Publisher!

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  1. Good Luck... my best advise is be honest and speak from the heart. Sometimes, the hardest two things to do, but the most rewarding when done.

    All the best.