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Amazing Weekend Away

We went to the Strong's National Children's Museum of Play in Rochester, NY......it was FANTASTIC.....I loved it, hubby loved it and the boy loved it. there are so many different things for everyone to do. Upon entering, guests are greeted with a carousel and gift shop. The gift shop was amazing, having tons of toys, new and old school. After you pay to get in (for the three of us, it was $31 and FREE parking) you are welcomed with an aquarium.
The colours in the aquarium are fabulous. It is the typical salt water aquarium that mesmorized Adrien for about 10 minutes. That's a HUGE feat when you're 2!
Getting into one part of the museum, you walk into Sesame Street. Adrien spent a lot of time playing on the steps of 123 Sesame. He LOVED it. Oscar's can was there, but he went fishing with Slimey. He would ring the door bell and knock on the door.!
Elmo's world is also replicated at the Museum.....it has his computer, his bed, his blanket, his goldfish and his window shade that gets to Mr. Noodle.
Adrien punched into work, hoping he wouldn't be late.....he's so funny!
Wegman's Grocery store has fashioned a grocery store after a real one, with carts, cashier belts and manager station. Adrien LOVED going up and down the isles picking up groceries he wanted. Behind the grocery store, was a kid's TV station where kids could do the weather or a cooking show....AMAZING, I know!
There is a train, that of course we had to go on! I think he liked it a bit!
So much to see and do there, from the stage that kids can perform on to the rock pit that kids can dig through.
There are SO many things to see there.....Adventure Reading Land, Marvel Comics, Butterfly Conservatory, Mind Benders, Adventure Play Land!
There is a toy museum on the upper level displaying toys dating back over 100 years! And retro toys that can be played with. Adrien and I had fun dancing at the funky lights!
And there was Bernstein Bears Country.....I can't even do the place justice with my words......it's a place that has to be experienced to be appreciated.....It really is a place where play is encouraged and seen as a way of learning!

Check out the website..... http://www.museumofplay.org/

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