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So I am a heavy set woman who struggles with her weight, I have PCOS which contributes to the weight issues. My husband is a LARGE man, he is an emotional eater and finds great comfort in food.
We both worry about our son, one of the worst things (to us) is to be heavy, the stigma's, the lack of inclusion, possible target for bully never mind ALL the health related issues.
When Adrien first came home, I was worried about him being thin (though I coming to realize that that is his natural body type) and would force him the first bite of anything I was offering him, after he tried a bite, if he further refused, he didn't have to eat it. I have TOTALLY gotten over myself and that tendency has LONG stopped.... I have come to realize that though he may not eat a ton at a seating, he eats frequently through out the day. He loves food. And not junk stuff like Mc.Donalds (don't get me wrong, throw down some french fries and a hamburger, the kid goes silly) he likes "real" food..... good, tasty, healthy food. He LOVES pasta.....almost all forms of it with any kind of sauce, including Zia's broccoli sauce. He LOVES fruits and veggies, eating things that adults refuse to, he loves corn, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce....and will try anything I offer him. He will choose fruit over any kind of sweet except ice cream and don't get me started on meat ...on Father's Day, he ate a medium rare steak, crab legs and 3 corn on the cobs....of course he was running around and playing the whole time so he needed the energy. My goal, as his mom, is to keep up with healthy food for him, physical activity and laughing...... I think that's how you grow a healthy kid....what do you think?


  1. Anonymous21.6.10

    That sounds like the perfect plan to grow a healthy kid! Adorable photo of an adorable little one. Isn't it interesting how parenting brings up so many of these challenges in ourselves? I also struggle with weight and tend to over think feeding issues. Lots of challenges - but what a blessing to get to be challenged! Happy parenting!


  2. Sounds like a perfect plan! I will follow your lead.