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Disney Cruise, Day 1

We stayed at the Sleep Inn the night before our 8:15 flight. We flew out of Buffalo and arrived in Orlando at 10:50. It was hot and we were tired and hungry! Our land transportation didn't leave the airport until 12:45 (after they told us we would be leaving by 11:30)...{note to those planning a trip, use the Disney Express. They pick up your luggage from the airport and deliver it to your room, then they take it the night before you leave the cruise and you don't see it again until you land at your destination!}

Driving to Port Canaveral, from Orlando, it's a pretty uneventful drive, until you get to the bridge. As you come to the top of the bridge, all you see are ships..... there were 3 in port that day.
As we boarded the ship, we were asked out family name and over a pa system we were welcomed....followed by a round of applause....for me, so embarassing....Adrien LOVED it!
We found a place to have lunch and get some drinks before heading to our wonderful stateroom. The ship was stunningly beautiful. With HUGE windows, Disney details everywhere and the friendliest staff on earth! Adrien quickly became a mini celebrity, a role he thrived in

We went to the Goofy Galley for lunch, then quickly toured our room before heading down to the Mandatory Safety drill.

After that we headed up to Deck 9 for the Send Off party. We met a wonderful British couple (who took us under their wing) and they told us where to be for the show. Adrien was exhausted and was falling asleep on my shoulder until he say Mickey. The look on his face was captured by hubby and he just stared at Mickey in awe.
Mickey came right over to high five and hug Adrien, bringing instant tears to my eyes. The sheer joy in his face at that moment made the trip worth it right then and there.

As we pulled into the ocean, the boat began rocking A LOT......people were commenting that it was extremely rough seas. As we had never been on a cruise before, we had no points of reference. We later found out that normal (smooth sailing) waves range between 4-6 feet. Ours were 30 ft that night and the boat was on a 5 degree angle. Needless to say, we laughed a lot as we were knocked off our feet and bumping into walls....
We had dinner at The Animators Palate and were seated with a family of 3 from Ohio with a 3 year old boy too! That first night, our servers, Issac and Ivett got to know us, found out our favourite drinks (which would be present waiting for us each night to follow) and would not let us cut Adrien's food, insisting they do it as we were on vacation.....Fabulous, I know!
That night sleeping was interesting. Just as I would fall asleep, a huge wave would hit and I would have to brace myself as to not fall out of bed....lol....and it was so wavy they closed Deck 10 and all the pools!
What a great day.......

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