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Disney Cruise-Day 6 at sea

we spent the day playing in the water, at the splash pad, in the pool.....Hubby still wasn't feeling better and was grumpy from missing out on all the fun though the boy and I managed to have enough fun for him!

We walked around on Deck 4, checked out the store and ate!

Each day Adrien got to pick something he wanted out of the gift shop, nothing too expensive but a memento that he could have. One day he picked a Flounder, another day he picked a Mickey, then a Minnie, a t-shirt, a pin etc.... and my sister gave him a gift card for Christmas so that he could buy whatever he wanted (great ideas!!!! Thank you Seca!) Anyways, on day 6 he picked out a Peter Pan set with Captian Hook, Mr. Smee, Wendy and Tinkerbell. He played with that set the whole time I was getting ready for dinner, changing his voice and going on adventures! (side note, his favourite thing to do on the boat was go on adventures and explore!)

Dinners where tough, they were long and his food always came out with our apps......and then dessert would come out with ours.....so we started bringing things for him and our table mate to play with....he liked to pretend he was a waiter and would take our dinner orders...

That day, our British friends (P & M) started Adrien a Disney Pin collection, getting him the lanyard and a Mickey pin.....when it was all said and done, they had given him 3 pins....needless to say, he now has 6 and is well on his way to becoming a Disney Pin collector.....

It was an awesome......

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