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Disney Cruise, Day 2 Character Breakfast

We awoke early on Day 2 as we were having breakfast with the Disney Characters.... EVERYONE was excited..... before breakfast we went to Deck 9 (our favourite place cause of the pools and restaurants) And our boy was so excited that he had to dance it out.....it was still a little wavy so everything was quiet as some guests were trying to get a hold of their stomachs!
We arrived at Parrot Cay and had breakfast.....someone was too excited to eat and couldn't wait for the characters to come to our table. He kept checking to see where they were......
And then Mickey came over.....he signed Adrien's autograph book, hugged him and moved on to the next table. The wonderful thing was, that even though the Cruise Line had their own photographers that took pictures in an effort to sell them to the guests, they were VERY willing to take pictures with the guest cameras!
Then came Goofy....I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time. I don't know who had more fun, me, hubby or the kid!
While we waited for other characters to come to our table, the wait staff (whom we LOVED) made hats for all of us, they made me a Jasmine one (picture not posted) they made Adrien a Mickey Mouse one and Peter Pan!
Then Minnie came, Adrien became so bashful and enamored with her that he couldn't look at her. Instead, we got this picture, probably one of my favourites from the whole cruise.
And finally Pluto graced us with his presence....and is now Adrien's favourite Disney character (more to come on that story)

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