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Disney Cruise-Day 5 St Thomas

We awoke very early the next morning, in time to watch us port into St. Thomas. I was excited because I had a friend who was on another cruise that was also going to be in St. Thomas that day, so there was a mission for me to find her on the beach. The night before we also found out that we weren't going to have to "tender" to the island and that we would be docking at a different place. From my understanding "tendering" means water taxis have to take you off the boat and it is a long process. Anyways.....since hubby was still in a lot of pain, he choose to stay in bed (though very disappointed because he was missing all the fun!) and Adrien and I went to have breakfast on the back of deck 9 with a beautiful view of the water. After breakfast, (since it was only 7 and we weren't allowed off the boat until 9) we decided to hit the Mickey Pool

There was a single father in the pool with his three little boys (all older then Adrien)....and as the three boys tried to engage Adrien in shark chomping play, all he wanted to do (influnced from 4 nights of shows) was put on a show for them....so as they chomped around him, he yelled at the top of his voice "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please take your seat as the show is beginning......Introducing......ADRIEN" My heart soared with pride and from the joy on his face as he performed for these little guys and I know in my heart that this kid will be a performer of some sort.......I digress. At about 8:45, when his fingers had turned to raisins (side bar: on the second day hubby pointed out how pruned Adrien's fingers were from all the water play and kept calling his fingers raisins. Adrien didn't understand what was happening and was so upset that his fingers had turned into raisins that he would cry and beg for me to wipe the raisins off.....) a bolt of lightening lit up the sky, the thunder started and so did the downpour.....we high tailed it out of the pool and headed to the room to change and tell hubby about the excitement. We decided (Adrien and I) to explore the boat instead.

We went to the on board theater where Adrien watched his first movie (in theater) EVER....in 3-D....he loved Tangled, so well done!

Then we headed to the Promenade Lounge to do a craft, on the way there, you get to pass this awesome statue of Mickey at sea.....and we bumped into Peter Pan!

In the lounge, Adrien got to decorate a tote bag for him to keep (the previous day he made buttons, one for each of his cousins!)....he kept getting different colours and adding them to his bag.....it was quite the master piece and is now safely put away in his Disney Cruise treasure box in his closet!
The kid was so proud of his creation....he slung it on his shoulder for the world to see except the straps wouldn't stay on his shoulder so he put his hand to his head to keep the tote from sliding off. I thought it was the cutest thing ever and couldn't stop laughing!
As a family, we found a little "alley" of the boat on deck 3 called Beat Street. It was a cool place to hang out and we hung out there A LOT....They had these HUGE deep portholes that you could sit in and watch the water go by, read, relax and talk.....

Though before we made it to the porthole on Day 5, we snuck into this place (can't remember what it's called) they have show in here at night and do Bingo during the day. Anyways, we snuck in so the boy could do a quick little performance.....what a natural!

AHHHHHH, the portholes.....so peaceful and rest ful!

We took the front elevators and headed up to Deck 10.......we explored outside as the rain had stopped and we were getting hungry for lunch!

But first some foosball...... After lunch the rain started again......so the send off party was cancelled.....really people? are you made of sugar!lol..... We had a wonderful dinner, went to see a pre show and then headed to the nightly show..... and headed to bed....it was a LONG day!

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