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Soccer and Swimming

So, I'm going to try the swimming lessons again with the boy. I know in the past, swimming lessons have been unsuccessful for him in a structured environment though the past lessons have been through the city (not knocking them) This is a boy who wants to be in the water, dunk his face in, jump in and refuses to wear water wings or have me hold him, so we will be doing this round of swimming lessons through out local aquatics club. I have heard fabulous things about them and their approach to teaching kids to swim. He is registered! There are only three kids in his class with one instructor!
After his round of dance fit classes, which he LOVED....I am hoping that he will be more successful in these types of classes. It was after watching his boy cousins play soccer while we away that helped him decide he too wanted to play soccer! So, he is registered for boys summer soccer U4! I got him his little soccer shoes and socks today! Can't wait for that to start....I hope he thrives and enjoys both classes!

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