"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb



So in about 10 minutes we will be leaving for his swimming lessons. I am probably looking forward to it less then the boy is. We've had to talk to his aunt who has a pool to cajole him into going to lessons so he can swim with his cousins over the summer.....and now he's singing how he hates swimming and will only be taking a shower there before coming home....I don't understand it, he loves being in the water, he doesn't want to wear water wings and he doesn't want anyone holding him, I thought he was fish....so why doesn't he want to learn to swim? I may be the problem. All of our lessons have been mommy and me classes with me getting out of the pool for longer periods of time at each lesson, though the last round he went to two classes and then was clawing at the instructor to get out of the pool. This round, I will not be staying where he can see me.....I will drop him off to his instructor with a kiss and come back at the end of the lesson....like we did at Dance Fit......Cross your fingers it works.

NOTE: Epic fail......I will be calling the club tomorrow to either withdraw him or get him into private lessons. The instructor asked him to get into the pool, when he did, the water went over his head and he couldn't find his footing....the instructor didn't do anything for about 5 seconds....Trust LOST....and he was done


  1. Why you don't try to go with him alone into water, just take him into your arms and play. My son didn't like swimming ring niether swimming wings, but after we played few times without it he let me to put him swimming wings, but I blow it on his arms. He have trust in you, so try one more time :)

  2. That isn't the problem, he LOVES being in the water with me....he thinks he knows how to swim and doesn't want any help (stubborn like his mother!) He needs to learn properly.....remember my pool? So much fun!

  3. Of course I remember your pool! Yeah in shape of bean (not Mr. Bean ;) and coctails on the rocks! I just read yours new post.. soooooo.. BRAVO Adrien :)))

  4. OH, silly me, it is I Ivana :)