"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." -Chinese Proverb


It's hard being 3

Yesterday our mild mannered, chilled out, outgoing, sweet boy turned 3.... and something happened...On Monday, the day after his birthday party, he invited a little friend over to play. The child who would give you the shirt off his back told his friend he didn't like her and to go home.... I was crushed...she was crushed...so we had a little talk about empathy and he seemed to be ok for the rest of the evening. Then, the day before his birthday, he gave daddy a run for his money on their morning together. First off, we have a no jumping of furnature policy because you can get hurt. So he was jumping on the bed and his dad reminded him that we sit or lay on beds..... the boy looked at dad and asked "why?" Dad explained, the boy replied "I don't want to" and continued to jump. you must realize that my husband has patience...from where, i don't know, but he has them! He again told the boy that furniture was for sitting or laying on and to come over to him....The boy laughed "NO!, you can't catch me" and proceeded to run into his room, slam the door and hid in his closest! When my husband was telling me, I was laughing so hard I couldn't stand it, but hubby was quite upset by it as it continued all morning.....throwing food on the floor, jumping on the couch, squeezing him juice box and finally peeing all over dad.....on purpose..... That night, we went to see the cousins and he behaved well, I thought it was a one shot deal....well, I was wrong...I don't know if it was him over tired, too much attention around his birthday or what, but we went to a resturant with two little friends for dinner and he started crying.....wailing.....not knowing what he wanted, not wanting me to do things, screaming....just not himself....my two mom friends where shocked as they had never seen this before (nor had I) and I think we were all at a loss.....finally, we got some food into him and he seemed to taper off a bit and started enjoying himself...playing and laughing with his two best friends.....When we got home, he started again with the whining and crying. I took him straight to be, where he didn't want me to put his pjs on, where he didn't want to go pee, where he didn't want to do his bedtime routine....so I just cuddled him and rocked him until he fell a sleep.....within 5 minutes, at 7:45....he had a restless sleep around 10, where he couldn't get comfortable....after about a half hour, he found rest and slept until 7:45 this morning.
I don't mind that he has challenging behaviours as he tries to exert his independence....it's cute actually, I just hope he doesn't lose his sweet demeanor through it.....Happy 3rd Birthday my love....may you grow to be loving, forgiving and happy!

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